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Freshman Interest Groups are designed for students who are not participating in a living-learning program and are only available in the fall. FIGs provide a way for new students to connect with a group of students sharing similar interests. Registering for a FIG will place you and your fellow FIG participants in a set of classes that have a theme such as business or communication.

What FIGs are available?

Take a look at this document to which FIGs are offered this Fall.

How do I add a FIG?
It's very easy to add or drop a FIG from your schedule. In the FIG listing there is one course reference number (5 digits) for each FIG. Just use that number with the web registration tool that you've learned about in your small group session during orientation. This course reference number will add you to the FIG Colloquium (HUM 1920) and all courses associated with that FIG.

What is HUM 1920; FIG Colloquium?
HUM 1920; FIG Colloquium is a class facilitated by an experienced undergraduate student and designed to provide you a set of experiences that will introduce you to the academic culture at the Florida State University.

I have a question that isn't answered here. What should I do?
You should talk with an advisor if you're at orientation or, you may contact the FIG program directly at: . Please include your student # in your email!

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