About FIGS

A FIG is a pre-packaged cluster of high-demand freshman courses that have been linked by a theme or academic program. There are several advantages to registering for a FIG:

  • It makes the registration process very easy; you can register for most of your classes at once.
  • Take classes with the same 15-20┬ástudents, so even a lecture class will seem small
  • Take courses that fulfill general education requirements.
  • Meet students with similar interests
  • Form your own FSU community.
FIG Leader Daniela Castro teaching

One of the most significant advantages to registering for a FIG is enrolling in the FIG Colloquium HUM1920. This course is designed to provide you a set of experiences that will introduce you to the academic culture at the Florida State University. The objectives for this course are as follows:

  • To reflect on the FIG topic and develop an understanding for pursuing it within the FSU scholarly community.
  • To learn how to identify and reflect on your in-class and out-of-class learning experiences and how to utilize your reflections for learning about yourself and planning for the future.
  • To reflect on your class experiences during your first semester and to learn about the different ways in which the FSU calls upon you to demonstrate your learning.
  • To reflect on your out-of-class experiences during your first semester and to learn how you can connect your identities and interests with the people and places of the FSU community.
  • To learn how to interact with your instructors and fellow students in ways which support your own goals and the values of the FSU community.
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